If you are reading this you are probably someone who already resonates with my style. Likely someone who sees life and all it's imperfections and finds it just perfect. You are a natural soul. Someone who knows good and bad times hold equal merit. In truth, the things I long for in my clients are what I have learned to honour most in myself. The reality is you don't get authentic storytelling from an inauthentic photographer. You don't get those fleeting nuances captured by someone who isn't present. And you can't invoke unfettered emotions in front of the camera unless you trust who is behind it.

If you're after 'look at the camera' vibes I'm not your girl. I tell visual stories as I see them unfold. A family photo on the wall in matching outfits is sweet but how much heart worth does it hold down the track? But capturing you in your current reality? Now THAT is something true and beautiful. That's the stuff that gives you allll the feels... now and into the future, transporting you back to your genuinely unguarded moments. How powerful is your love for your children? It's beyond description, right? It's so big it makes your heart hurt. One session can remind you forever of just how hard you loved them.

I was the girl with my Dad's old Minolta and 70s strap always slung across me as a teen, at school, at parties, when I traveled... I can't remember a time when I haven't been obsessed with the ability to freeze a moment and the infinite ways to capture and process an image. Blows my mind even after 20 years as an industry professional. This passion is unfailing and growing exponentially. A biologist by degree, my path was set to be a different one, but my art won out in the end. Moving to Byron I quickly carved a place in the competitive wedding world. In 2011, da da daaaaaah, I became a mama and again in 2014. Predictably I became obsessed with photographing my children, their beauty and their unaffected ways.

As I lived through these insanely special phases of my life; pregnancy, birth, motherhood and their childhood; truly honouring and immortalising these stages for others became EVERYTHING to me. I get more excited during a motherhood session now than ever before. The older I get the more attuned I become to those deep connections that surround me. It is a sincere privilege to capture that inexplicable yum that dances between people who adore one another. The way you express the love stuff is palpable and irreplaceable, and of course utterly unique to each family.

Just look at the mini gallery of me and my greatest creations below, shot by the extraordinary Lauren of Love Her Wild Photography. You REALLY need to get yourself in the frame mama, and I don't mean a selfie. I mean be brave and put yourself in a wonderfully vulnerable, exposed position in front of someone you trust to capture you beautifully. This gallery makes my heart burst open whenever I see it. I hesitated for so long to do this, because shy, because mid forties wrinkles, because mid winter haha. But guess what? No regrets. Only sheer relief and immense gratitude and a genuine swift kicking of myself for not doing it sooner. But in the end, I chose well. It was so, so important to me, so I invested accordingly. It is us. Right there in front of me. Forever and ever. Words can't describe the value of these images to me. And the best part is, they increase in value as time flies by.

Book me, book someone else you resonate with, but please, just book!

With love, Lou x