Goodall Family

22 May 2013.

I photographed the gorgeous Goodalls on a winter day on their Robertson property in the NSW Southern Highlands. Harriet said she felt ‘unkempt’ when I arrived, the poor thing had a multitude of ends to tie up before a big trip to the States, but honestly all I saw was photo¬†opportunity after photo opportunity… stunning Harriet busying herself in creative mummy ways, real man Mat out the back building an aviary, and the enchanting Banjo and Clementine playing together on the property in their own world of magic, wonder and beaten up Tonka toys.

All the rustic delights of country living are enough of a photographers dream, but additionally Harriet is the most gifted of artists and her style permeates her whole environment. Harriet Goodall Handmade creations (see are born of the studio on the property. Her weavings are beyond beautiful and it is no wonder Harriet’s work is internationally sought after.